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So, picture the scene.

It's summer 1991. I'm with a bunch of fellow Petheads, waiting outside the Radio 1 studios in London where the Pet Shop Boys have taken up a week-long residency sitting in for Simon Bates as part of the "Bates' Mates" thing where he invited various pop stars to sit in for him - and whereas the others tended to pre-record their slots, the PSBs did theirs live, to the delight of loads of PSB fans who flocked to the Radio 1 studios every day to meet the Boys going into and coming out of the studios. I have many photos of that week, and of another week they did the following year. (Radio 1 and the censors may have been rather less delighted when Chris Lowe, live on air, described Sabrina Johnston's Peace as "f***ing brilliant.")

Anyhew, one day, who should turn up at the studios but a certain Stephen Fry. So, I took a photo of him. And then, shortly afterwards (possibly the same day - ISTR that on many days between the PSBs entering and leaving the studios one thing I'd do would be to head down to a nearby branch of Boots, get the photos developed and printed as quickly as possible, often in an hour, and then take them back where all the fans present could squee about each others' photos and how we'd got Chris or Neil looking just right), I managed to get the picture signed by him too.

Sorry, but just typing this is making me feel very very nostalgic...I'm also thinking, youngsters today probably won't understand the notion of "developing photos"...
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