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Well, that's my Christmas made...

Back in The Day (where "The Day" = "The 1970s." basically), whenever I used to visit my grandparents (that's my dad's parents, in this case), I was enraptured by one particular book of theirs, a book of illustrations by William Heath Robinson of his wonderfully weird and impractical inventions.

At around the time, I discovered Norman Hunter's books about the wonderfully insane Professor Branestawm, which were illustrated by none other than Mr. Heath Robinson.

Yesterday, the BBC broadcast an adaptation of...well, nominally the first book (The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm), although I think it's more sort of a general mishmash of ideas from the books.

However, you can imagine my delight at the main title sequence, which is basically loads and loads of Heath Robinson illustration culled from the novels. I think I'm going to like this one!

And it's available on iPlayer for the next 29 days, here. Enjoy! :-)
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