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"Right wing American is slightly racist" shocker.

Apparently, in amongst the hacked Sony emails was a suggestion that Idris Elba would make a good James Bond. And...I honestly wouldn't know, because although he's definitely been in some things I've seen (most notably the two Thor films) he obviously didn't make much of an impression on me. Mind you, Pacific Rim is actually next on my watch list, and I keep being told how good Luther is.

Anyhew, American conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh has taken rather negatively to this idea. Bond, you see, "was white and Scottish, period."

And I got thinking...was he? Book Bond...I'm not sure his ethnicity is ever mentioned explicitly. Granted, if he'd been black, it probably would have merited a mention somewhere in Live and let die if nowhere else, but that can probably be handwaved. And yes, book Bond is definitely Scottish (although ISTR reading recently that that was Fleming's response to Connery's appearance in the films, and his nationality hadn't previously been stated), but even just sticking to the canonical movies that was only really adhered to once, in Connery himself; there's also been a Welsh Bond, an Irish Bond, and an Australian Bond. Taking the non-canon adaptations into account, there's also been an American Bond.

So yes, I think Limbaugh has a point, albeit probably not the one he intended to make - Bond should be more Scottish. And as I think that Bond, like the good Doctor, could do with being more mature in his next incarnation, I hereby nominate Tony Osoba.

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