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Looking around...

...for something to watch whilst nomming down my fish and chips, I discovered some old episodes of Only Connect that I hadn't previously watched were lurking around on the Sky+. Seeing the Eggheads (of rival quiz show, Eggheads) actually getting beaten for a change was entertaining (although the winning team's captain David Stainer is enough of a quizzing champion in his own right that it's somewhat surprising he's not one of the Eggheads himself).

Sarah has been to the doctor's and been diagnosed with a lung infection and has some antibiotics to take, which will hopefully improve things for her.

My original plans for seeing in the new year at Misha & Zoe's NYECon II down in south east London have fallen by the wayside, on account of how I'm lousy with late nights and even if I could get there safe and sound I wouldn't necessarily trust myself with a drive home in the wee small hours of 2015. Instead I'm going round there tomorrow some time, when some of my friends will Sheffield will also still be there. Will probably be taking the Horus Heresy board game with me. Have had it since buying it when I was in Glasgow back in February, and it's still unopened in its box.

Sarah has made plans for us to go and see The Hobbit - The Battle of the Five Armies again, which I'm looking forward to. It seems to be a minority opinion based on what other folks on LJ and FB have said, but we really enjoyed it. Having said that, yes, the films were way too long considering the book they're based on, and when the Blu-Ray of BotFA comes out I'm seriously comtemplating preparing an edit of all three films that's...well, basically, just what's in the books. (I suspect, though, that the extraneous material may well prove too integral to the films to be removable without turning it into a hack job, but...no harm in trying.)

Speaking of fan edits, this is a rather awesome project. I might try something of this ilk myself:

(Actually, on those lines, but back to Tolkein, there probably needs to be a re-edit of Fellowship of the Ring with the flashback to Holm!Bilbo finding the ring replaced with one of Freeman!Bilbo finding the ring. ISTR around the time An Unexpected Journey came out that someone did an edit of a little bit around that scene, using a cam copy of the Freeman!Bilbo clip, but now it's all out on Blu Ray better quality versions can/should be done.)

Speaking of which, I've been saying to Sarah for some time that it'd be really useful to have a Blu-Ray drive for our computers, so she finally caved in and bought one. Well, I don't think she ever caves in - she just assessed the pros and cons and decided in favour. It is useful; I find that I watch programmes and films best when I can bung them onto my iPad and lie in bed watching them in the comfort of my bed, where I'm away from distractions like my computer with its connections to Facebook in particular and teh interwebz in general. Of course, the iPad is also connected to the interwebz, but I have to specifically stop the film to access the interwebz, instead of just leaving the film running whilst poking around online and then thinking after about 10 - 15 minutes, "oh yeah, I was watching that, wasn't I?" Which is fine with Netflix; and with DVDs, which I can rip using the MacBook's optical drive; and with, ahem, programmes what I've illicitly acquired from their US transmissions. But with Blu-Rays, it wasn't. Until now. (Mind you, the steps involved in ripping a Blu-Ray are rather tedious...but it's worth it in the long run.)

Anyway, I'm now in the middle of watching Pacific Rim thanks to ripping it from the Blu-Ray, and greatly enjoying it. And yesterday I watched Gravity too. Both films I've had for a while since buying them, so it's really nice to finally actually be able to watch them properly without distractions.

Okay, that was a rather longer post than I intended it to be. Now, back to Pacific Rim. :-)

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