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Fannish squee

Firstly, on the basis of the first episode (and it's going out in two 25-minute episodes a week), Galavant lives up to the promise of the trailer - it really is ridiculously silly, funny, with great songs and a cast mugging it for all they're worth. It's...Monty Python and the Holy Grail on steroids. Brilliant stuff.

Secondly - and I've already mentioned this over on Facebook, but it bears repeating here - Mitch Benn's novel Terra is really rather excellent indeed, and is as far as I'm concerned good evidence for why he really ought to be offered the chance to write an episode of Doctor Who. I have the sequel, Terra's World, which I was given for Christmas, but I'd like to finish a few more books on my "to be read" pile first (I was making good progress, but had a sort of hiatus from reading over the past couple of weeks - Christmas kind of got in the way), and thusly have gone ahead to Lauren Beukes' The Shining Girls.

Thirdly, back in October, to promote his new book More Fool Me the legend that is Lord Stephen of Fry did a show at the Festival Hall which was beamed live to cinemas across the country and, indeed, across the globe. I was saddened to miss it (at the cinema; there was no way I was likely to be able to be there in person...), especially as I'd been to the cinema event promoting The Fry Chronicles. Imagine my delight, then, when I discovered that the show is on Netflix! I may have squealed a bit. It'd be nice to think this may indicate a DVD release is on the cards, but there's no sign of one on Amazon. Oh well - with any luck some bright spark will know the technical wherewithal of how to preserve a Netflix stream into some sort of divx/avi/mp4 file that will, y'know, leak out into the wild. But anyway - the fact that I'm able to watch it at all definitely makes me happy.

Today...hasn't seemed quite as productive as yesterday was, but actually it's not been too bad, just constantly chipping away at little bits of the untidiness and mess and making it...well, more tidy and less messy. Ripped the CDs from the Doctor Who 50th anniversary soundtrack collection into the computer, as well as a few episodes from Time Team off the Sky+ Box (I have kind of a goal of having every episode, and I'm darned close, but I'm determined not to cheat...so the fact that More4 tends to repeat the same few episodes is a bit of a nuisance. However, the episodes they're showing at the moment are ones I hitherto only had as edited versions from the Discovery Channel, so it's nice to be able to replace them with better copies...). Got some clothes washed, and took the clothes that were on the hanger downstairs, upstairs into the bedroom. Emptied the fridge of much food that was past (in some cases, well past) its use by date.

So yeah, am pretty happy. Don't know what tomorrow will bring with it, but...right now, I'm going to order a pizza, probably watch more Mr Fry, and then hopefully have a fairly early night...

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