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David Brider [userpic]

Wednesday Books meme

January 7th, 2015 (09:04 pm)

What are you currently reading?

I started Lauren Beukes' The Shining Girls the other day. It's...interesting. Took a while for me to really get into it, but now I'm there I'm finding it quite a fascinating and gripping read. Although given that the subject matter is a serial killer, and that there is quite a bit of swearing, I wouldn't quite go so far as to say I'm enjoying it. But it's a good read. (I'd thought it had won a Hugo Award, but on checking, not only had it not won one, but it hadn't even been nominated.)

What did you recently finish?

As previously discussed, Mitch Benn's Terra.

What do you think you'll read next?

Next in the pile is William Boyd's James Bond novel Solo.

Might try doing this books meme regularly. I'd like to get through at least one book a week this year - who knows, this might help. Or it might not. We shall see.


Posted by: Lil Miss Morgan Dork (badfalcon)
Posted at: January 8th, 2015 07:30 am (UTC)
You Are Beautiful

I'm currently reading a cheesy actiony romance book on my kindle. Security by Mandy Baggot. And honestly, it's awful and keeps getting worse, but I'm over 70% of the way through and feel like I should finish it. Although when you start wondering if ther's an incest subplot and that it would make it far more interesting.... yeaaah

I've just finished reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - historical fiction set in the years immediately after the German Occupation of Guernsey. All told in letters to/from a writer. Took a hile to get into, obvious and clich but enjoyable and fun

Next is The Winter Folly by Lulu Taylor


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