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I don't...

...want to come across as ridiculously easily pleased or anything (tiny things please tiny minds, etc...and there's a follow up to that from an episode of The Young Ones, but I'm sure you can guess it even if you haven't seen that particular ep...), but a couple of fairly insubstantial things from the last day or so have left me really rather happy.

1.) Whilst helping Sarah to tidy her room* I found one of our good tea towels**. As we were down to two, and one of those wasn't really terribly good, that is rather pleasing. I mean, there's still at least one more to be found, by my reckoning, but hey, it's a start...

2.) By virtue of a bit of digitising of programmes, I've managed to get the free space on our Sky+ Box up to 71%, which is the highest it's been for...well, ages. It used to be sort of hanging around between 10% - 20%, and sometimes if left alone unguarded (say, when we were on holiday) it could get down to 0% and start deleting the stuff we'd watched, or partially watched, but not actually digitised. It's nice to know that won't be a problem any more, or at least not for a while.

In rather more substantial news, had a very enjoyable afternoon with the LGBT Fellowship group. A chap called Alan was visiting from Northwood, who shared a bit of his life story and then led a discussion on 45 years of gay rights, in the UK and overseas, starting off with Stonewall. (One of our number recommended this film. As we've been talking about next month watching a film and then having a discussion afterwards, I'm vaguely thinking getting hold of a copy to watch could be An Idea.) Fascinating stuff - and as he mentioned, there was sort of stasis, in the UK at least, following the passing of the Sexual Offences Act 1967, for about 30 years a, and then in the last 15 years loads of progress, including of course the legislation of same-sex marriage. Still a lot of progress to go - especially outside of the western world - but it's terrific to see how far we've come.

Someone from the LGCM was there too, and I volunteered to help out with some transcribing of interviews that they need doing for a project they're working on, as well as possibly some scanning of some documents. Given the whole "not being in paid employment," thing, it'd be nice to use my talents and abilities for something useful.

*Translation: nagging and cajoling her and really doing most of the leg work whilst she advises...in fairness, she's still in bed with some sort of flu at the moment, but it tends to be like that when she's healthy too...

**A good tea towel being one that actually gets things dry, as opposed to just moving the water around the surface of whatever it it you're trying to dry.

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