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Watford: Gateway to Borehamwood

Just back from a pleasantly silly evening watching I'm Sorry, I Haven't A Clue at Watford Colosseum - part of the live tour, not a radio recording. Bit of an unusual show, as Sandi Toksvig was hosting instead of the usual Jack Dee. Jeremy Hardy as guest panellist, natch. She made quite a good host, actually - she should really get a shot at hosting the radio show. Obviously there's a certain extent to which the live tour is a bit of a greatest hits show, loads of old familiar jokes. But it was still hysterical fun.

Sadly no sign of the team signing in the foyer, and I wasn't sure where the stage door was, so I headed straight home afterwards.

Thanks to m'beloved huntingospray for getting me the ticket. She's awesome.

Yeah, a good evening out.
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