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I seem...

...to have got into rather an irritating habit lately of not getting to bed until nearly midnight (or if I do get to bed before then, faffing around playing Kakuro, Solitaire/Patience, and/or Bejewled Diamond Mine on the iPad*), waking up at about 3:00am, doing some more faffing (possibly including Facebook) for about an hour, waking up again at about 6:00am in time to see Sarah off to work and staying up for another hour, and then going back to bed again and not waking up properly until about 10:00am.

I was debating whether to watch tonight's episode of Last Tango in Halifax that the Sky+ box is diligently recording, but y'know what? I'm going to go to bed, and try to get a full and decent night's sleep for a change. Maybe it can be the first of many. I'm sure if my sleeping pattern wasn't so ridiculously all over the place (I regularly sleep during the day as well, although I think that's as much depression hibernation as it is tiredness - I spent most of last Tuesday and Wednesday pretty much permanently in bed...) I'd find it a lot easier to cope with other aspects of life...

*Hardcore gamer, me...

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