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I don't...

...follow Call the Midwife. I don't even occasionally watch it. I'd probably quite like it, but I don't have the time for all the programmes I do follow (I've still not finished Fringe or Merlin, despite the fact that they finished years ago, and I'm a couple of seasons behind on Supernatural), so trying to follow another one seems rather foolish...

However, whenever I catch the end credits of Call the Midwife - say, before an episode of Last Tango in Halifax - I feel a sense of family pride, because my sister worked on that.


(Speaking of Last Tango..., was rather interested in the wording at Kate and Caroline's wedding - "I now pronounce you spouses for life." Is that the norm for same-sex wedding ceremonies, does anyone know? I kind of expected "wife and wife" - and assume it would be "husband and husband" if two men are getting married - but...I dunno, "spouses for life" has a certain ring to it, and retains the scansion of "husband and wife," so...yeah...it's good...)

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