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It was one of those days...

...when you get out of bed, and gotta go straight back to bed from the effort.

Okay, not that bad, but...woke up when my alarm went off at 6:00am, played Lego Star Wars for an hour, went back to bed, woke up again at about 9:30am. Sarah was projecting at church this morning, and I for a few minutes thought about not going, but eventually decided that I would go. I'm glad I did. Bob, one of our congregation, was taking the service, which was all about Jesus's use of parables. Interesting stuff. We were asked - given that most of the church Bibles are in storage - if we could take our own with us. I took half a dozen of mine just in case anyone needed them, but they went unused. However, I dug my "new" one (which I bought in Blackpool whilst I was on holiday there back in June, and which has lain unused in the back of the car ever since) out, and gave it its first airing. Mind you, I probably won't be using it again for a while until I've actually stuck the tabs in it.

Andrew, who was on CD duty for this service, played a couple of songs which I recognised and brought back some pleasant old memories. This Chris Tomlin one:

And this one:

Which...that's not the version I know (kicking around on my old iPod I've got one by the Stoneleigh/CCK folks), but anyway, good song. Brings back memories.

Did a bit of grocery shopping after church, and have just had lunch. Now just doing a bit of pottering around the house. Might import the contents of a video tape or two into the computer later. Also, I need to do that test run out to Luton at some point. Oh yeah, many folks at church congratulated me on the whole getting a new job thing. I'm looking forward to it. Even if it does only last the projected 2½ - 3 weeks, it'll at least get me out of the house and stop me going stir crazy. Which has to be a good thing...


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