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Oh yeah...

...why is there no easy way on a Mac keyboard of getting a "½" symbol? Or a hash? Or is there an easy way of doing it and I just don't know about it? I mean, I know about opening up the "special characters" thing, but even that isn't terribly good (I was looking for the "½" the other day, couldn't find it, and eventually settled on copy & pasting it from a google search...) It's blasted frustating. I've got a little .txt document with useful symbols that I copy & paste from occasionally, but I've got to be honest, it strikes me as weird. Mind you, back in my PC days I used to rely on the old "Alt + 0232" trick for ½. If Macs can do that, I've never found a way of doing it. And the absence of a hash symbol pretty obviously makes Twitter a bit of a weird experience... All help and advice gratefully received...

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