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Just been out for a test drive out to my new place of employ. It's out on an industrial estate just off junction 10 of the M1 - I'd been to the same estate for an interview back in March, so there was a bit of familiarity about it (also, the seem roadworks seem to be in place as were there back in March..!). Not too problematic a drive, and it was only about a 20 minute journey each way. Obviously it'll be rather longer in the rush hour - I'll be (hopefully) allowing an hour for the journey (I need to be there by 9:30am tomorrow, 9:00am on subsequent days). I'll probably use the satnav for the first couple of drives out there, just to be on the safe side. But I'll "force" it to take me up the Redbourn Road and get onto the M1 at junction 9 - there's no way I fancy going down Breakspear Way to get onto it at Junction 8, which is just plain hellish first thing in the morning...

Today's been generally quite a good day. Did a fair bit of tidying and sorting, including getting a chunk done in Sarah's room - loads of paper for shredding, stuff for the recycling pile, clothes to be washed...also imported the whole of The Imaginatively-Titled Punt & Dennis Show into the computer. Watching an episode now for the first time in years. Very pleasantly amusing. :-)

This trailer for an episode of Chandler & Co was on the tape before one of the episodes. Features a certain Scottish actor more recently known for swearing a lot and now flying a blue box through time and space...


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