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Today went well. First day in a new job, and all of that. I'm part of a small team (there's three of us), all starting today, so hopefully there'll be a bit of camaraderie. The job involves checking through job applications to make sure that all the associated supporting documentation is present and correct. The first half of today was taken up by training, or at least having the nature of the work explained to us. This was followed by waiting for the IT department to give us some PCs that we could log on to, whilst we did some work on some paper copies of the application (which are rather heavy documents when printed out, so we'll be working with electronic versions normally, but this was a good dry run). This was subsequently followed by waiting for the IT department to assign us passwords so that we could log on to the PCs. This was then followed by our manager discovering that the Excel file that she'd painstakingly prepared for us to log our work in had become corrupted. Which was then followed by her sending us home an hour early with the promise that tomorrow she'd have prepared a fresh non-corrupt version of the file and we could do some real work tomorrow.

But yeah, I call that a good day.

Back home I felt, for some reason, in the mood for a bit of tidying and cleaning, and blitzed a section of the kitchen that has been largely unregarded for the past few months, as well as getting some washing up done, getting some clothes washed, chucking out loads of stuff into the recycling bin, getting rid of some food that was well past its use by date, and then having a rather nice meal of chicken cooked up on the George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine, roast spuds, and oodles of gravy. Also imported the old Ben Elton drama Stark into the computer (y'know, despite loving the original novel, I'm not sure I've ever watched the TV adaptation, despite having it on tape since...well, whenever it was first broadcast. Might put that right some time soon...). Then UniChall and Only Connect, because, hey, it's traditional. Leaving tonight's Broadchurch until later in the week, though, because I want to get some nice early nights in this week (I've still not watched last night's Last Tango in Halifax yet...). Really need to be setting off by about 8:15am at the latest. Today I allowed 45 minutes for a (theoretically) 20 minutes journey, and just got there in time, thanks to a broken down vehicle blocking one lane of the slip road off the M1.

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