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...has been pretty rubbish. Didn't sleep terribly well last night - had my usual middle of the night insomnia sesh, as a result of which although I was able to push myself to get out of the house in good time for work, I felt pretty shattered. And then, despite setting off with an hour to spare, the journey (which should take 20 minutes, so sayeth the satnav) took an hour. It's always a bit grotty once you get off the M1 - roadworks on whatever local road it is that leads from the M1 into Luton - but today was worse than it's been the last few days.

On the bright side...yesterday, Sarah and I made arrangements with our respective mothers to visit the British Library's Magna Carta exhibition* in May - looking forward to that.

It started snowing pretty heavily at about 3:30pm, and one of my colleagues asked our boss (who was off site) if we could leave early because none of us wanted to be snowed in. Boss said yes, so we set off. And...I haven't seen a single flake of snow since! I'm kind ofbadly</i>.

Speaking of snow, how epic is this? Wonderful:

Got home to discover that in the time I'd been at work, the William Hartnell edition of Desert Island Discs (or at least a substantial chunk thereof) had been discovered after being missing presumed wiped for most of the past 50 years, posted on BBC iPlayer, and...according to one report, caused iPlayer to crash. At any rate, it's been taken down now. Rats. Oh well - link just in case it goes live again.

Digitising of old video tapes continues to go well. However, I might stop after the next couple and bung a few things from the Sky+ into the computer instead.

If the weather's not too bad, I'm kind of hoping I might make it out to the church fellowship group meeting tonight...

*Note to self: get the "poor Hungarian peasant girl" jokes out of your system before going...

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