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Today has been...

...quite a good day. Work's going okay - at present rate of progress, our manager reckons we'll likely be there until next Friday. Obviously, I'm hoping for something more long term, but heck - just having done this for a little over a week is making me feel rather refreshed and energised and ready to get back to job hunting with a bit of renewed vigour.

Been listening to a lot of Big Finish lately on the drive to and from Luton (and also heading down to Chelmsford yesterday). Got through The Highest Science and series 3 of Counter Measures last week (and man alive, that's left me really eagerly looking forward to series 4...), and I'm now working through the first full cast series of their Blake's 7 releases - finished the fifth one today, I should get through the sixth tomorrow. Thinking I might move on to series 2 of Dark Eyes next (and with my wages, I might treat myself to series 3...).

And at some point I'll get back to the Doctor Who main range marathon, which - so far - is stalled at episode 1 of The Chimes of Midnight...

Felt productive tonight, and so after getting home from work I flung myself into quite a pleasant evening of washing up, tidying up, laundry, and also doing a spot of reading. Put some recycling out in the recycling bin, some bin bags in the bin bin, and then cooked dinner and settled down to watch University Challenge and Only Connect. Oh, and also got this and this imported from video tape into the computer (whilst yesterday I'd worked on this and this.

I've got a little backlog of TV programmes I'd like to catch up with over the next few days - the last episode of the latest series of Last Tango in Halifax, tonight's episode of Broadchurch, and the first couple of episodes of Wolf Hall. Hoping to watch at least the first of those tomorrow night...

But now, I think it's time to get to bed.

Am happy.

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