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So, um, yeah...

...woke up this morning (a very good time to wake up; unless you work nights, in which case get back to bed, ye great wee daft lummox!) to find that it had snowed overnight, looking like the proper Christmas card snowfall - not so light as to see the green of the grass through a thing covering of snow, not so heavy as to be a pain in the neck.

Did consider doing a "do you want to build a snowman?" post, but didn't have an Appropriate Userpic (I have now, though..!). Decided to take the same short cut to work as I'd taken the last couple of days. It's all country back routes, well for most of the journey, so I figured I'd probably have to pootle along at about 10 or 20mph for much of it lest I end up skidding and careering into a field, but I prefer driving consistently slowly to the horrible stop/start snarliness of going up on the M1 (or more accurately, trying to get off the M1. However, got about half way up Cupid Green Lane to be faced by two cars side by side. Not sure what was going on, but a guy got out and explained that there'd been an accident, the road was blocked, and a lorry was trying to get down the other way and no way would I be able to pass it. So, I trundled back down Cupid Green Lane. Considered going out on the Redbourn Road, but figured there was a possibility that would be rendered a bit worse for wear by the snow, so decided to go up Breakspear Way. Consequently, spent probably half an hour waiting to get on the M1, and quite a large chunk of time trying to get off it at the other end. Ended up being 45 minutes late for work. Annoyed. Still, managed to make up the time during the day by taking a short lunch break and working a bit late this evening.

Had a call from the agency I'd got the job with (well, the agency is part of the group to which the company we're working for also belongs...) and they said that the feedback from our manager has been good, and there's a possibility of other work within the group, so they'll keep us posted. Touch wood!

Managed to listen to all of the sixth (and last) of the first full cast Blake's 7 audio series on the drive in to work this morning, it was that long a drive - and that included the making-of after the actual play - so on the way back I started listening to the final episode of the radio adaptation of Good Omens, which I'd started on not long after it went out but left about half way through. Then listened to some more of it when I went out to Tesco just now. Enjoying it!

However, this evening hasn't really been as productive as yesterday was. My energy has decided to crash a bit...

Still, could be worse.

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