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Another convention...

And one that sounds really really tempting (unlike that Sherlock one I mentioned yesterday) - the Bedford Who Charity Convention. Ticket prices are £40, and for that you get a quite stellar guest list - no Doctors, sadly, but companions Nicola Bryant, Sophie Aldred (♥), the fabulously wonderful Anneke Wills, and John Leeson (yes, K9 was a companion), as well as Terry Molloy (Davros), Mike Tucker (special effects bod; also, coincidentally, the name of Molloy's character in The Archers), writer Paul Cornell, and Ailsa Berk (choreographer/monster movement person).

Sadly, there's a strong possibility that I won't be able to make it - it's the weekend after this year's Eastercon, and although nothing's set in stone I think Sarah and I are going to want a bit of a break, and are toying with a week down in Swanage to unwind, relax, and recharge our batteries. Mind you, there's nothing to stop us (or even just me) coming home a day or two early and going to Bedford that Saturday. Still, putting the word out there in case any of my other Doctor Who fan friends might want to go to what sounds like it could be a good convention.

Also - quick plug for Dysprosium, the aforementioned EasterCon. Guests include the rather wonderful Professor Elemental, and I've just noticed that Tanith Lee is going to be a special guest (which may interest you, ghyste?).

I leave you with a bit of Professor Elemental:


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