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The last couple of days

When Sarah and I got back from our Nice New Shiny Local Nando's on Friday, we did an exchange of Valentine's presents. I gave Sarah one of these nice Sherlock t-shirts, since she a.) is quite keen on Sherlock in all its many and varied forms and b.) shares Sherlock's cynicism when it comes to romance. Also, the BBC Shop was doing offering a rather cute Sherlock-inspired Valentine's card
(free with orders of £20:00 and over), so I made sure to order over £20:00's worth of stuff and gave Sarah the card too.

Meanwhile, Sarah gave me this rather wonderful Despicable Me/Minions case for my iPad mini. So hopefully, no more cracked screen...

Got off to a really rather late start on Saturday, not setting off for Midlands Comic Con until well after midday. There were problems on the M1 (closed northbound between junction 12 and 13 because of an accident; between that and a 30-car pileup on the M40, yesterday wasn't a brilliant day for Britain's motorways. :-( ), so I drove up the back route that I used to take to get to work in Milton Keynes, getting onto the M1 at junction 14 and stopping briefly at Newport Pagnell services for some refreshments and to set the satnav up.

In order to get that BBC order over £20, I'd ordered the complete Cabin Pressure on CD, so I listened to some of that on the drive to Newport Pagnell - the interview with David Tyler and John Finnemore, followed by the classic Ottery St. Mary episode. Switched over to the iPad at Newport Pagnell, to listen to a bit of Eighth Wonder.

The rest of the journey was pretty smooth, with some occasional slow downs for roadworks or heavy traffic, but nothing seriously bad. Made it to Telford by about 3:30, so in time to enjoy a couple of hours of the convention. Found badfalcon and whiskyinmind, at whiskyinmind's stall, Moments Lost, chatted a bit, went out to find a toy llama for Cassie (and ended up getting one for myself to).

Decided that as I was there, I'd get autographs from Chris Barrie (and informed me, in response to my "is there going to be an eleventh series?" question, that the Red Dwarf cast have signed non-disclosure agreements, but of course he can't disclose what they've signed non-disclosure agreements about..!) and Robert Llewellyn, who both seemed really charming. Bumped into ruthiesgc while I was queueing (had sort of forgotten that she works a lot of these events). She very kindly agreed to take my piccie with The Boys from the Dwarf (or at least the two of them who were there):

After the convention itself had ended, I helped Shona get her stuff back to her car, and then we went to the Very Nearby Indeed Southwater where we had a hearty meal at the Harvester, whilst Shona knitted me a tiny TARDIS, and befriended the waitress, Charlotte, who turned out to be a bit of a Doctor Who fan and expressed an interest in Shona's knitted Doctor Who stuff.

Also: Military cows. Or coos. Or coups.

After food, and after a bit of deliberating - did I want to drive home now, or check into a cheap hotel for the night and drive home in the morning? - I decided on the former, and hit the road, listening to some Daft Punk followed by some T'Pau (on the basis of it being Valentine's Day). Got home by about 11:15pm and flopped into bed, knackered.

Good day. Today's been a bit uneventful so far, but I plan to start doing things shortly including washing some clothes, popping to Tesco, and having some lunch...

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