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Feeling A Bit Rubbish

A combination of things. Started having some bad low self-esteem issues yesterday, my subconscious telling me that I'm a lousy worthless individual who's really screwed up his life, and my conscious being too damned knackered to put up much of an argument. So that's been feeding into my depression too. :-( Not helped by having had a rotten cold since last Wednesday - had to take a couple of days off work, there'd been enough comments when I had a bit of a tickly cough, I really don't think they'd have appreciated me sniffling and snuffling and blowing my nose every few minutes. Back at work now (which is good - at least it means I'm earning money), but still feeling a bit crap because of the cold.

Also, Sarah - who probably gave me the cold in the first place - has now got it again herself. Indeed, she was off work today. So Chez Brider is very much the House of the Dreaded Lurgy.

I wish illness of various types would leave us alone.

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