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The state of the chez Brider. Part 1.

So, yeah.

Three weeks ago, my grandma died.

Regular readers of this LJ may be aware that last January we lost my grandfather, and then in October my dad died suddenly. About five weeks back or thereabouts, my grandmother was taken into hospital with pneumonia. I'm...one of those people who tends to try to be fairly optimistic about such things ("she'll pull through, she'll be right as rain in no time...") but I think realistically, we all realised this could be it. Fortunately, Sarah and I got to visit her in hospital a few days before she passed away. She seemed lucid, and reasonably cheerful, all things considered.

It's been quite a tough year on the family. Funeral's tomorrow. Hopefully we can pull together, celebrate my grandmother's life, and move on. And hopefully, as Sarah put it, the skeletal guy with the hood and scythe can leave us be for a while. Sarah's lost an aunt and a couple of uncles in the past fifteen months too, so...

A picture of grandma and grandpa when we were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, back in 2004:


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