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...I have been feeling crap.

Okay, that's not quite true. I can cope with feeling crap. Well, for given values of "cope". I have strategies, I have mechanisms in place. But what I had today was that horrid voice of depression niggling away at me, telling me that I'm rubbish, worthless, useless, a non-achiever, hopeless, will never amount to anything. And all I could do was sit there and agree with it because...well, just because I did agree with it.

So. Not good. Feeling a bit better this evening having achieved a couple of targets and also having had Sarah come back from work and give me cuddles and hugs, but still, things could be better.

Work tomorrow, then on Friday...well, I'm moderately Ricardian. That is, I'm strictly agnostic on the matter of whether he did or did not murder his nephews, but I suspect that in a case of "history is written by the victors" he's been dealt a bum hand by successive generations, not helped by Shakespeare. So, obviously, I was going to be interested in the events of this week - the reinterment and the reveal of the tomb. Sadly, it only occurred to me too late to do anything about it, so going up to see the coffin lying in state was never going to happen, but I have got a ticket for a talk at the Richard III Visitor Centre by David Baldwin, and the visitor centre website has a link to information about a Richard III walking tour which I'll probably try out for size. And of course, I will queue to see the tomb. And in the evening there's an event thingy that culminates in a firework display. Which I might go to (it's free), but OTOH it ends at 10:00pm and I don't want to be there all that time as there's probably a couple of hour drive home afterwards...

On Saturday, one of my favourite authors, the gestalt entity that goes by the names Catherine Webb, Kate Griffin or CLaire North depending on which book you're reading, is signing copies of her latest book, Touch, in Uxbridge. At the moment the plan is that Sarah will drop me off there before going off to do her own thing, and I'll make my way back to Hemel by public transport. Or, slightly easier, I'll make my way to Chorleywood, where Sarah's mum's house is, and wait there for Sarah to pick me up some time later in the evening.

And on Sunday, we're finally going to the Sherlock exhibition thingy at the Museum of London and doing the Hollow Body walking tour.

So, yeah...all go...

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