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Generally speaking...

...I'm in a pretty positive mood right now. Just come back from an enjoying day in Leicester doing Richard III-related stuff (and wanting to back there soon because one day, or more accurately one afternoon, isn't enough to fit everything in). There may be a proper blog with pictures and everything. And I've got an enjoyable weekend to look forward to.


I hate to end today on a downer, but.

I am absolutely positively incensed about certain quarters of the British press who have decided to use the recent Germanwings plane crash - in which a man who had been suffering with depression crashed the plane of which he was co-pilot - as an excuse to demonise depressives in particular, and people with mental illnesses in general. The Huffington Post has a round up of the worst offenders here. And...I just can't even begin to process the sheer numbskulled stupidity of this level of moronic reporting. I suffer with depression myself. So do several of my friends. I'm normally a very placid individual, but this, quite frankly, has me feeling bloody furious and seething with rage, because...yeah. Granted, being depressed can make a person think, say, and do things that are irrational. It goes with the territory. I've said this before - I've never had what I think of as seriously suicidal thoughts. I've never actually thought "I would like to end my life," (although I have sometimes wished it would end...). But there have been moments when I've been driving down the M1 and thought, fleetingly, how easyit would be to just flick the wheel a little bit to the right, smash into the central reservation, annihilate myself. I've never done it (obviously). I don't think I ever would. But the thought's there, sometimes, not even necessarily when the depression is at its worst. So...whilst obviously my thoughts and prayers are with the bereaved families and friends of all the passengers and crew who died in such a shocking tragedy, I'm also sparing more than a little thought for Andreas Lubitz and what he must have been going through to make him think that he had nothing left to live for and that the best way of resolving whatever he was going through was to smash the plane into that mountain.

So. Yeah. British press, I hope you're ashamed of yourselves. You ought to be.

This post has been much longer than I originally intended. Sorry.

Also, a statement by three prominent mental health charities criticising the press coverage.

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