David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

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I am...

...having failed to travel down last night as per the original plan, now safely ensconced at the Park Inn Heathrow in readiness for Dysprosium, this year's EasterCon, to which I'm looking forward, even if Sarah is being a headless chicken in her role as hotel liaison so I doubt I'll see much of her until our post-con holiday down on the south coast.

I've registered, I've had some lunch thanks to room service, I've hooked up to the wifi (the important bit of any convention nowadays, I'm sure you'll agree), and I've done the easy bit - I've looked through the programme making little squiggly marks against all the items that look interesting.

Now for the difficult bit - working out how many of those items I can go to without the use of either a time turner or heavy duty cloning technology...
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