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David Brider [userpic]

I'm the king of the castle (except not, really)

April 10th, 2015 (06:18 pm)

So, yeah. Yesterday Sarah and I took the steam railway up to Corfe Castle. Wandered around the castle itself, which was a pleasant amble steeped in history. There were some medieval re-enactors there, and it being the school holidays there were loads of families with children getting into the spirit of things. (I couldn't help wondering what William ye Conqueror would have made of the fact that about 900 years after building the castle it would be a popular tourist spot where people would relax on or beside the castle walls having picnics. If he could even understand all of that..!) At 2:00pm the re-enactors put on a display of archery which was darned impressive. (I wouldn't've minded some falconry, but y'can't have everything...) Once that was over we went to The Greyhound Inn for a meal and a drink before returning to Swanage.

Took some photos - nothing desperately spectacular, mostly shots of the village from the castle, or of the castle from inside the castle, or of the castle from the train station. Darned impressive piece of architecture, that castle. Pics are here. Also, as y'do, took a video of the train as it arrived, again with the castle in the background. It's quite a stunning view. Video to be added later, once it's converted to divx and uploaded to Youtube.

ETA: Video:

I really love to visit old castles and just meditate, however briefly, on the history of the places and what they were like when they were in their prime. So in that regard, yesterday was a Very Good Day indeed. :-)


Posted by: Lil Miss Morgan Dork (badfalcon)
Posted at: April 10th, 2015 07:30 pm (UTC)

I've had the same ponderings when visiting castles as well *nods* Like, when we got to Edinburgh castle and we were walking across the promenade and there were kids playing and picnics and photographers and selfie sticks... and I turned to mum and said "imagine this in the medieval times, full of market stalls and animals and the smell" and

Posted by: Zoefruitcake (zoefruitcake)
Posted at: April 12th, 2015 06:05 pm (UTC)

Corfe castle is great :0)

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