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Will consist of work (and it's dress down Friday, so yay! I get to wear a geeky t-shirt). And then this evening I'm driving up to Telford to spend the weekend with badfalcon aka Cassie. On the negative side, there will be an absence of huntingospray as she is staying at home, but on the positive side there will be much geekery and Ironbridge Gorge museum and geeking out at Supernatural t-shirts in the style of Hello Kitty (speaking of SPN t-shirts, this), and possibly a bit of Agent Carter and...did I mention geeking? Also, charity shops have been mentioned. So, a good weekend in prospect.

I have loads of Doctor Who Big Finish stuff on the iPad to listen to on the journey. (The journey up there this evening is projected to take 2 hours and 5 minutes. That, however, is not including roadworks. It's also not including the fact that I'll be driving northbound. On the M1. In rush hour. There needs to be a lot of stuff on my iPad to listen to...) Bunging some music on there too.

Speaking of geekery (and pausing to mention the fact that Cassie has a beautiful scale model Millennium Falcon which I shall presumably get to see but not touch), the new trailer for The Force Awakens is out now:

Seriously, how utterly wonderful is that? Even without that bit at the end, it would be a thing of wonder and beauty. With that bit at the end, my little fanboy heart and brain turned to a little pile of mush. If that's not TMI. This film comes out on my birthday (I never get tired of repeating that!). Right now, it looks like the man Abrams is giving me a fabulous birthday present, bless him.

(It's been mentioned that there'll be a Star Wars trailer accompanying Avengers: Age of Ultron. Whether it's that one or another one I don't know, but as I'm seeing AAoU with kharma2815 next weekend, that makes me doubly excited...)

Also, it's Star Wars Celebration this weekend. As well as the trailer, there are loads of models and props and concept art. Pretty! Shiny!

Oh, and also? The group Coalition for Marriage (translation: Coalition for just the type of marriage we want and nothing else...) has decided to campaign in Brighton (that's Brighton) by warning the residents that their MP Caroline Lucas voted for same-sex marriage. That's Brighton. Maybe...um, maybe they're actually campaigning on behalf of the Green Party?

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