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Avengers: Age of Ultron

So, yeah, saw Avengers: Age of Ultron yesterday with my cinema-going bestie kharma2815, and...

The good: Well, it was yet another enjoyable, action-packed MCU film, and Joss Whedon demonstrated why he's so good at this sort of thing; even though there were a couple more tangents and sub-plots going on than the first Avengers film, it nevertheless told a satisfying story with a straightforward logical plot that makes sense on first viewing. Lots of action and spectacle (a whole city flying up into the air...Marvel find that difficult to top), witty banter, most of our favourite characters back (although Pepper was missing, and it's a shame that so far none of the Avengers know of Coulson's fate...).

The meh: As a devoted Clint/Natasha shipper, I choose to think of Clint's wife as something of a beard. As a devoted Stark/Banner shipper, I'm also none too happy about the extent to which Natasha/Banner was being played up in this film. Still, that's what fanfic is for.

The bad: I don't know, maybe we've been spoiled by Agent Carter, but...this film really rather fails the Bechdel Test, spectacularly. Natasha comes out of things particularly poorly, having (it seemed to me, at least) far less to do than in The Avengers or Winter Soldier; Maria Hill had a bit more to do than in previous films, but OTOH both she and Natasha were put in the cliched "woman in peril rescued by a guy" a couple of times (although Natasha at least got to return the favour). Scarlet Witch seems pretty nifty in a fight, but I didn't feel her powers were precisely defined, and there wasn't really any time given to exploring her actual character at all, which was a shame (but kind of inevitable in such a packed film). And I was a bit unclear whether Quicksilver was actually alive at the end of the film or not.

So...a good film, IMO, but rather let down by the rather dodgy gender roles (MCU and Whedon are both capable of better than this...).

Picked up a copy of Civil War at the local Waterstones afterwards, btw, just out of curiosity as to roughly what we might have to look forward to in the next Captain America film.

Also...am I alone in thinking that an Agent Carter film would really kick some serious ass? And no, the one-shot doesn't count...

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