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Am somewhat disappointed...

...that some of the BBC's Goon Show Compendium releases are currently going for silly money on Amazon (like, £999.00 silly money) and nowhere to be found on eBay. I only found out the other week when looking for a copy of The Treasure in the Lake for the "prove to me that you are of the Scottish blood" gag. Which in a show of monumental stupidity I'd a.) been getting a bit wrong all these years and b.) had mistakenly assumed was part of Hancock's exchange with Dr McTaggart in The Blood Donor (it's similar, but nowhere near identical).

I managed to snag a copy of volume 3 from eBay at a reasonable price, but volumes 4, 5 and 6 are going to prove elusive or just plain impossible to track down. :-( I can fill in some of the gaps from the regular BBC releases (now up to 30 volumes, with another one coming soon), as well as some that have only been released, in edited form, by EMI, but...well, some will have to come from...less legitimate sources.

I can only assume the high prices are a result of AudioGo going into receivership the other year. Thankfully the other Compendium releases are going for far more reasonable costs.

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