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The next few days.

Friday is going to involve being at work for the morning, then - having managed successfully to wangle the afternoon off - huntingospray and I are taking Rita to The Globe to see King John. After that, I'm popping over to the Cineworld cinema at the O2 dome thingy to see Minions with kharma2815.

Saturday is Pride London day, so yay! Plan at the moment is to join the Christians at Pride group for the march bit, and then chill, relax, probably have a Nando's and maybe catch up with anyone I know who's there (if you're going to be around and want to meet up, text me, message me, email me, or whatever). Going to go to the service of celebration at 5:00pm as led by the wonderful Sally Hitchiner, and after that the plan is to go and see Stop! The Play at the Trafalgar Studios which has been recommended by its lighting designer, the multi-talented gestalt entity that is Catherine Webb, Kate Griffin or Claire North depending on which hat she's wearing at any given time. (Note: that does rather depend on booking a ticket. Don't forget to book a ticket.)

And then on Sunday, I suspect I may briefly wake up and then go back to bed... ^_^
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