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So, yeah...

Spoon count = low.

So low that I not only couldn't cook a meal, I couldn't even do my usual standby of ordering a pizza. I put together a bowl of cereal, so that's okay. Ran out of cereal in the process, so less okay. Sarah's not feeling too great either right now (came home with a splitting headache and feeling dizzy, and something which could be either the early stages of a cold or an attack of hay fever, and is also low on spoons). So yeah. Chez Brider is Not Feeling Good right now. The only reason I'm not in bed is because getting up from the sofa in the lounge involves too much effort. Also, Mock the Week is on in half an hour. Although I'm a bit too knackered to stay up for it, if I'm honest.

Saddened by the announcement of Patrick Macnee's death. Not been a good year for celebrity deaths really, what with Pratchett, Moody, Lee, and now Macnee. And James Horner earlier in the week. Back during my formative years, c.1984, Channel 4 screened some (possibly all) episodes of The Avengers, which was a.) my introduction to it and b.) because of them being the episodes I watched first, the reason why Tara King is the definitive Avengers girl for me. Yes she is, stop sniggering at the back.

Having said that, for me Macnee - again one of those accidents of timing - will always mainly be the voice at the start of the original Battlestar Galactica.

RIP, sir. Keep wearing the bowler and weilding the brolly.


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