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You're the big finish...

Blows dust off LJ...

Lately, my listening pleasure has mainly, albeit not exclusively, involved Big Finish Productions' main range of Doctor Who audios, ever since I decided a couple of years back to actually collect them from start to finish (until then my collection had been a bit sporadic, mainly consisting of the Paul McGann series and whatever odd ones took my fancy). I'm now up to number 60, so although it's admittedly been slow going to get this far (I started whilst I was still working at NHS Direct), it's chugging along nicely.

Two things in my audio journey have rather amused me of late. Firstly, The Twilight Kingdom, recorded in May 2003, released in March 2004, so quite some time before Torchwood was even a glint in Russell T Davies' eye - much less fandom's portmanteau name for the show's favourite slash pairing - there's a character with the eerily prescient name of Janto. :-)

Secondly...I haven't always kept the "coming soon" trailers on my audiobook rips, but sometimes they're there. I was pleasantly surprised when, after episode 4 of The Roof of the World came to an end, the trailer for Medicinal Purposes has none other than David Tennant intoning in his best, most beautiful Scottish accent, "coming soon from Big Finish". I bet he really begged to be able to do that (they're normally voiced by Nicholas Briggs), and was really chuffed to do it too. This was about a year before he was announced as Doctor number ten.

I promise I will post on LJ more regularly...I've been evil and migrated to Facebook, but LJ is still my real home...

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