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Bit of politics there, my name's Ben Elton...

Okay, bit of a question. The whole EU referendum thing. I know which way I'll be voting, it's the same way I'd've voted if we'd had the referendum 30 years ago (except, caveat, I wasn't technically eligible to vote 30 years ago) - basically, for all my adult life I've long been a supporter of the notion of a united Europe - and, indeed, united world. Yes, there may be issues with the way the EU works in practice, but better (if that's the case) to be on the inside and work to change it from within. Yes, a united world may be hopelessly idealistic, but I'd rather be an idealist than a cynic. Depression's bad enough, without making it worse.

And I genuinely believe that everyone over 18 has a responsibility to vote. If you don't vote you have no right to complain that all politicians are just as bad as each other. If you genuinely can't find any candidate standing in your area who stands for your values and beliefs, then the short term answer is - spoil your ballot paper. Clearly write "none of the above". The long term answer is - get involved. Petition your local MP. Join the local branch of a party you support - help them out in some way. If it comes to it, stand for a position yourself. But at least, get out there and vote.

But I'm a bit confused, and I'd like an answer to a simple question. The EU referendum is being painted as the most important election we'll ever take part in. Which kind of makes it seem like it's some sort of irreversible decision.

Is it? I mean, I'd kind of assume that the state of international diplomacy in the 21st century is such that if a country's government makes a bad decision (such as deciding to be in the EU, and subsequently realising it should have decided to be out, or vice versa), it can actually, further down the line, decide to reverse that decision.

Or am I hopelessly wrong?

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