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Bit of a linkspam...

...as in, I've left several tabs open in Firefox and I'd really like to whittle them down a bit.

First off - Al Murray on Making a Mockery of Democracy (aka the parody political campaign he launched in his guise as the pub landlord).

Asgardia - the Space Nation.

American lists everything the British do better – it takes a while

The story of the Devil's Footprints, which I find rather fascinating. Also, Spring-heeled Jack, which I always think deserves a feature film, or at least to be adapted into a Doctor Who story.

The New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club notes on David Bishop's Who Killed Kennedy and on their unofficial novelisations of the as-yet-unnovelised Doctor Who serials (although two of them have now been officially novelised, with another one due in the new year).

This autumn, sorry, this fall's new TV shows. Two of which (Frequency and Timeless) I'm watching, and two of which (Time after Time and Making History*) I'll start watching when they begin airing.

10 things you notice when you are around empathic people.

A Watcher’s Point Of View: Life, Loss, and Logopolis (The Doctor Who Companion as a whole seems to be a site worth following...).

Space Milkshake. A rather entertaining, low budget film I was introduced to at GABIT's AT9 by badfalcon. Sadly, the possibility of getting an official download of the movie only seems to apply if you're in the US (or at least if you have a US iTunes account). I know there are ways of cheating the system where that's concerned but I've no idea how to do it. :-(

*No relation to the Stephen Fry novel of the same name.

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