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For a little while now...

...I've been having an idea.

I don't know if it's a terribly good idea or not, but it goes like this.

As a sort of sequel to my Richard III roadtrip last year, I'm thinking of going and visiting the tombs of every king and queen of England. Well, to keep things simple every king and queen since William I. (This despite my being, in UK terms at least, very much a republican. Aside: it's nice to know I'm in some reasonably good company.)

What I've discovered, since looking up the information on Wikipedia (which helpfully lists the place of burial in their articles on each king and queen) is that an initially surprising, but understandable, number of the early kings were buried in France. Well, I've never been to France before, so that'll be interesting. Quite a few of the others are scattered around the country too. OTOH, there're a shedload buried at Westminster Abbey, which will make my eventual visit there kind of...well, whatever the opposite is of a perfect storm.

Also, apparently Richard II was initially buried at Kings Langley</a>. Too bad he's not buried there any more (he was later moved to Westminster Abbey), as that's just a train stop from Hemel...

I'm in two minds whether to do the trip in broadly chronological order. Obviously, I don't really want to visit anywhere more than once (unless I really really like it), so once I've visited Westminster Abbey for the first king there, I can then tick all the rest off my list.

This definitely isn't going to be a roadtrip - just something to do on occasional weekends when I'm at a loose end (or with a bit more forward planning for the ones that will involve more travel; it probably makes sense to visit, for example, all the French tombs in one longer trip).

Also, one thing that would probably be a wise idea before setting off is to check that the tombs can be visited by the public. Obviously, Richard III's can, I know, I've been there, but I don't know about the others.

But, yeah. I might begin the quest next year. Realistically, it might be possible to do the whole lot in one year...

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