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Posted by Mitch Benn on Outpost Gallifrey recently...

Does anybody else think...

.. that the premise of Tooth & Claw sounds like the result of a drunken Think Up A Mad Idea For A Story Competition?

You know, RTD, Gatiss and Moffat are having a few absinthes and the conversation turns to (with apologies to Izzard)...

"Right, we've had Charles Dickens Versus The Trans-Dimensionsal Gas Zombies, how can we top that?"

"Errrrrr... Oliver Cromwell and the Spiders From Mars..?"

"Wat Tyler meets the Robot Ninjas?"

"Jim Morrison battles the Fifty-Foot Chinchilla?"

"Isambard Kingdom Brunel fights The Cyborg Leprechauns... Elvis Versus Dracula... Christopher Columbus against The Telepathic Shark-Mutants From The Future... Jesus In Space... Shakespeare Invents Teleportation... Miguel De Cervantes Meets The Samurai Bats... Queen Victoria Versus The Kung-Fu Werewolf... John Lennon and Martin Luther battle the Evil Surfer Droids..."

"Wait, go back one..."

Well, it made me laugh.

Good episode tonight, I thought.


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