February 13th, 2008

Doctor Who - Martha made of win


...I had a really fun driving lesson. Instead of the usual - a drive around and doing various maneuvres (help, is that the right spelling) such as turn in the road (aka three point turn), reverse bay parking, pulling in, etc., this time we just went out for a drive through Ingatestone, Mountnessing, Shenfield, Hutton, and then back through Ingatestone to Chelmsford. It was really rather nostalgic, as we followed much of the route that I used to travel by bus to get to school (over 20 years ago now...crumbs, some of it seems like yesterday). Also, we passed by my grandma & grandpa's house (I did think about asking if we could stop off there!). So I gave grandma a ring when we got back home, and on Saturday Sarah & I are going up to see them, which'll be nice.

Apart from that, the evening was fairly quiet. but I have now found that work security tag. Also, I'm generally feeling quite cheerful and chipper right now.

Which is nice.

ETA: Torchwood on BBC3 tonight with bonus Freema. There's a rather nice interview with her in next week's Radio Times. And of course Ashes to Ashes tomorrow.

And which bloody idiot decided to put on Ashes to Ashes in a schedule clash with the second series of That Mitchell and Webb Look??! I shall be very angry with the BBC...

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Shuffle this

Shuffle play this morning gave me a shedload of Pet Shop Boys and Erasure - only reasonable, as I have loads of each on the as yet unnamed iPod.

It's now just given me two tracks from Tom Lehrer's That was the year that was album, which was kind of surreal...

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Because I can never be accused of being 100% original...

...I thought I'd nick an idea from cynthia_black - a Flist mix.

The idea being - to quote cynthia_black - you tell me what song you would always like people to associate with you - a sort of 'signature song' for you. And then I collect those songs and produce a Flist mix, sending a copy to any of the contributors who want one.

So please tell me in the comments:

* What song would you always like people to associate with you, and why?
* Would you like a copy of the Flist Mix when it's done?

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


Torchwood was fun, although I preferred Adam to Reset (in fact, I adored Adam, despite Tim pointing out similarities to Red Dwarf: Thanks for the Memory, but rather lost concentration during Reset. Having said that, it was great to have Martha back, and there were some wonderful lines in both eps that are just crying out to be iconned or quoted to death on the interwebbe).

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

DVD news...

I was quite pleased to see that Blake's Junction 7 is out on DVD, although (even at the reduced Amazon cost) the price is a bit steep for something with a total run time of a little over half an hour.

And I was bloody ecstatic to see that METAL MICKEY IS COMING OUT ON DVD. Please excuse the gratuitous capslock, but seriously, I don't think there are words for how excited I am to see that this is coming out.