February 15th, 2008

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Random stuff...

With the news that KICC's bid to build a church in Rainham has been turned down, I come back to something I've asked before - when did "church" stop being a word for the people and start being a word for the building the people use?

You're out in eleven months, GWB. Thank the Lord for that.

An animated version of Star Wars? Actually, that's not such a bad idea - I thought that the animation in the Family Guy ep was really rather good.

Being Human sounds like it could be really interesting.

I thought last night's Ashes to Ashes was miles better than the first episode. Still curious to see how it all pans out, especially with a projected three-year run.


Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


Sarah is an unwell bunny - at home with a bad cold. Prayers and general good vibes would be appreciated.

On Tuesday night, my driving instructor said it'd be a good idea to book my theory test. And Sarah pointed out that, as there's a maximum period between taking the theory test and taking the practical (three months, she thinks), the instructor must think I'm progressing enough to take the test within that sort of time frame.

Which feels good.