April 30th, 2008

Mornington Crescent

Entertainment news...

A couple of bits of good news which I noticed whilst having a look at Ceefax just now and thought I'd share.

Kris Marshall is out of intensive care and expected to be back in rehearsals for his new play on Thursday. I was rather worried when I heard about his accident, so it's good to know he's on the mend.

And I heard about this a while back, but it's the first news report I've seen of it - John Hurt is to reprise his role as Quentin Crisp in a sequel to The Naked Civil Servant. I know I watched the original some years ago (possibly a repeat in the late '80s?), but I've been meaning to give it another watch since I saw some clips of it in the Verity Lambert tribute on BBC4 a few weeks ago. The new drama will be called An Englishman in New York. Although I like the song, I genuinely had no idea it was about Crisp. Oh well - y'live and learn.

In personal news, Sarah is back in England after what seems to have been an enjoyable time away at BotCon. Knackered but happy. And I'm off to see Barry Cryer tonight at the local theatre. Which should be fun.

Blake's 7 - logo

I doubt he'll be reading this...

...indeed, as far as I know he doesn't even have an LJ (tch...), but I should just like to say...


I taught him some new words and phrases yesterday (which isn't difficult, as he's getting to the phase where he just repeats most things said to him - I need to be careful what I say around him...). They included Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Harry Potter, and fandom.

He's going to turn out good. *g*