May 13th, 2008

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


So, this Thursday is the season finale of Supernatural, and for all that I've enjoyed the post-writer's strike episodes, I'm a bit *meh*, because quite frankly Collapse )

In other news, I've no objection to people being homophobic, just so long as they do it behind closed doors and keep it to themselves. OTOH, if they're going to post their bile in public forums (and caveat it with, "I'm not homophobic! Not at all! Look, I've got friends who are teh gay! And they know that I think their lifestyle is An AbominationTM and they don't mind!!!"), it's fun watching them tie themselves into linguistic knots while I patiently bring up fact after fact that knocks their arguments flat... *g* It keeps me vaguely sane, if occasionally knocking my head against my desk...

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

The weekend, part deux.

Sunday was utterly utterly blissful.

Sarah arrived in the morning, and we set off for Greensted, where we stopped to visit Greensted Church, which we'd heard about at First Sunday last week, and decided it'd be nice to pay a visit. It's apparently the oldest wooden church in the world. Like Canterbury Cathedral (but on a rather different scale) I felt a very vivid and profound sense of history - that people throughout the ages had made this building their place of worship for several centuries. It felt very restful to sit in the pews and just think about/pray to God for a few minutes.

Of course, the fact that the weather was so wonderful on Sunday really helped - wandering around the outside of the building was quite heavenly.

Once we'd finished there, our next port of call was Hemel Hempstead. The idea had been to visit the venue we're thinking of using for the wedding reception and have lunch there, but the restaurant is only open in the evening. So we made a reservation to have an evening meal there, and then had lunch at the nearby Harvester.

We'd been sort of vaguely thinking of going to the local cinema to see Iron Man, but by the time we actually got there we'd missed one showing, and the next would most likely clash with our evening meal, so instead we drove back to a field we'd spotted on the way to the cinema, which may have been Boxmoor common, and just lay there side by side for an hour or so, drifting vaguely into sleep and just being tranquil and relaxed on a gorgeous spring afternoon. Lovely. After that, we had a drink in The Steam Coach, a pub over the road from the common, before heading back to The Watermill for our evening meal. We also discussed using the Watermill as the venue for the reception, and made a provisional booking. There's all sorts of things to be decided - not least the fact that I'd prefer some sort of vaguely formal meal whereas Sarah wants to go for a buffet (which I don't really fancy on the grounds that I'm a fussy eater and there's nothing really in any of the buffet possibilities that really takes my fancy). However, a walk round the grounds confirmed our feeling that it will make (we think) for a really nice location for the reception. A pleasant end to a pleasant day.

After that, back to Chelmsford, where I watched an episode of the Metal Mickey DVD that I'd bought yesterday and found it rather disappointing, although not bad, and then headed for bed.