May 23rd, 2008

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


Well, yesterday I finally finished Sepulchre. In stark contrast to Ben Elton's Blind Faith, which I read in its entirety during the flight back from Thailand, I started Sepulchre on the same flight, so it's taken me about 4½ months. Which is odd - it's a good book, fairly dark, kind of fantasy, and the writing style is fairly easy going, so I don't know why it should take so long.

Oh well. I've now started American Gods, which I've borrowed from my brother-in-law so really ought to make the effort to finish it asap. That'll fulfil my goal of reading some Gaiman this year. I'll probably follow it up with Anansi Boys, which I picked up at Orbital.

I've sort of vaguely decided that I'm not going to buy any more books until I've actually read some of the ones sitting beside my bed waiting to be read - since finishing Deathly Hallows back in July, I've finished precisely three books, which isn't good considering I used to be a voracious reader. However, committing not to buy any books is like committing not to breathe. Particularly as this is released next Wednesday, and looks too tempting not to get. Although I'd love to know what exactly is meant by "writing as Ian Fleming"...
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


...if anyone could tell me why May 23rd is nagging at my subconscious as a date that really ought to mean something to me, I'd be most eternally grateful. I've got this vague feeling that I must have forgotten someone's birthday or something like that.