July 12th, 2008

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Miscellaneous odds and ends.

Spent some happy time with Sarah today - she's now got me insured on her car, so I drove her round to my parents' (my aunt Penny and uncle Trevor - Malcolm's sister and brother-in-law - were there, as well as their son Kit and daughter-in-law Suze, whose wedding we attended in Thailand), then to my sister's, then out to lunch at a place out-of-town (unfortunately, I didn't really think much of the meal. Oh well). I offered to drive Sarah up the wall or round the bend, but she insists it's too late for that. *g* The rest of the time was spent shnuggling, before Sarah had to leave for home and had traffic problems on the A13.

It felt weird not to have a Doctor Who to watch tonight. *meh* But I watched more Buffy (The Wish tonight).

Need to spend more time tidying the house. It's a right state. On the other hand, I've been taking my antideps regularly for the last week, and my mind is starting to feel clearer. Not 100% clear, but clearer enough that I might be able to get into some kind of workable routine in the not-too-distant.

Tomorrow I'm taking Sarah to see Prince Caspian, and on Tuesday I'm taking mum to see Mamma Mia, both of which I'm looking forward to. I'd quite like to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (although I might wait for the DVD) and Wanted (although I've heard it's a bit gory and I've got a low gore threshold, so despite James McAvoy's presence I think I'll pass).

I might pop onto BBC iPlayer and watch Bonekickers - it's had quite a critical mauling, but it sounds quite intriguing, and Hugh Bonneville and Adrian Lester tend to be worthwhile in my experience.

And Burn Up (new Rupert Penry-Jones drama which they've recently started airing teaser trailers for, so I guess it'll be on in a couple of weeks or so) looks interesting.

Right now, to bed.