August 6th, 2008

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

I've managed...

...more by apathy than deliberate choice, not to catch any episodes of Bonekickers (and despite, or perhaps because of, the general mauling it's received, I would actually still quite like to give it a watch at some point) but I noticed that Dexter "Spike off of Press Gang" Fletcher is in next week's episode, so I thought I'd mention that just in case anyone's interested.

Also, new series of the generally interesting family history prog Who Do You Think You Are? starts up next week, with a diverse set of subjects starting with Patsy Kensit (who, Christine Keeler-like, adorns the front cover of next week's Radio Times, stirring up my adolescent fantasies). Loathe as I am to admit it, the Boris Johnson episode looks like it could be fascinating.

For reasons known only to myself, I've found myself listening to loads of old episodes of The Now Show, which has been fun. It makes me laugh at work (because most of the work I do can be done with an iPod plugged in). This in turn makes my work colleagues look at me kind of funny. Fortunately, they're all away today.

I have a slightly unwell (migraine) highly stressed out (work being crap) fiancée at the moment. Prayers to the deity/ies of your choice, or general good vibes, would be greatly appreciated. She knows full well that I'm only a 'phone call away, happy to be called any time day or night, and should she need, more than willing to jump on a train to Barking to give her hugs and TLC should she give the word; however, actually persuading her to call me or give the relevant word is rather difficult. Mmf.

Oh, and this looks interesting.