August 12th, 2008

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


...the good news is that I've booked my travel to Sheffield for this Friday to spend a geeky weekend in the company of blazingskies and her friends.

The bad news is that IE glitched on me as I was printing the booking details.

Hopefully all will be resolved by Friday, but it's bally annoying. I've sent Megabus an email, and hopefully they'll reply before too long...
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Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Really random stuff

So, this morning, I was playing Guitar Hero II instead of getting ready prior to leaving for work. Managed to get 100% on Sweet Child of Mine (Medium level, I've not ventured beyond that so far...), which was satisfying, but managed to play Star Power over a section on which there were other Star Power notes to be hadded, which was irritating. Still, at least I now have five gold stars for that song.

The travel for Sheffield has been well and truly arranged, which I'm happy about. I'm probably (pretty definitely) going up to Sarah's on the night before, spending some snuggle time with her, and then heading up to Sheffield from her place. I've got a 1:25pm train out of St Pancras (so potentially time enough to meet Sarah for an early lunch in town, although it could be cutting things a wee bit fine), and arriving in Sheffield at 3:46, which should give me a bit of time to mooch around the shops and gubbins. Then I've got a coach back at 1:45pm on Sunday afternoon (which I've just noticed is from Meadowhall - not the end of the world, but not ideal) and getting back to London at 5:30pm. Between those times, I'm looking forward to a good weekend of geekery.

Recently borrowed Rita*'s copy of McCarthy's Bar by Pete it terrible to admit that I really wasn't terribly impressed? I mean, it was okay, but...I dunno, I think I've maybe been a bit spoiled - I mean, what with Dave Gorman and Tony Hawks and Danny Wallace I've kind of got used to the idea of travel books by comedians (or at least people involved with comedy) being funny and having some sort of point to them - to whit: Round Ireland With A Fridge - travel round Ireland dragging a fridge with you; Do Not Pass Go - travel round the various locations on the London Monopoly board; Are you Dave Gorman - meet 54 people** who share your name. But McCarthy's Bar seemed a bit aimless - just a wander around Ireland. It had its moments of interest, and of humour, but it wasn't the most engrossing book I've ever read.

America Unchained, on the other hand, is proving to be rather engrossing and enjoyable...

And once that's done, I've got Friends Like These, and Double or Die, and Hurricane Gold, and Devil May Care, and a load more books all waiting to be read.

Better get reading, hadn't I..?


*Rita = Sarah's mum.
**One for every card in the deck. Including the joker.