August 28th, 2008

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

So we are a boy, we are a girl...

Well, I guess I can blog about this now, as all the paperwork has been sorted out and it's final and Definitely Happening.

Sarah's moving.

Well, half-moving.

She's abandoned hopes of selling her house for the time being, given that the housing market is currently in a state of Utter Crapness*, and is instead looking at renting out her house, and renting a place for the both of us in Letchworth (at which I'll join her next August, or thereabouts).

So, she invited Mr Gentleman-from-the-estate-agents for a meet last Saturday, and when she told him that she could potentially vacate her house in Barking by this Saturday, he pretty much said "good, you're on," on the grounds that there's someone who's looking for a place and wants to move in within that sort of time frame.

So, it's all hands on deck - Sarah's off work at the moment and is running around booking a van and sorting out paperwork and letting everyone know who needs to know and getting packed and cleaning the house. I'm going to be joining her tomorrow, along with my mum who's lending a hand, as indeed is Sarah's mum. It's all go.

It's only half a move, because Sarah's only moving as far as her mum's in Chorleywood, and then only temporarily - we're hoping that within the not-too-distant we can find a suitable place in Letchworth. Indeed, there is a place that's a possible and is available from mid-September, which could be ideal. But until then, large chunks of Sarah's possessions will remain either in a lock-up in Barking, or in storage in her mum's garage or back shed.

Chorleywood is, thank goodness, sort of in between Barking and Letchworth. For given values of in between. At any rate, it's nearer to Letchworth.

And then when the housing market improves, the idea is we'll sell Barking and move again from one place in Letchworth to another place in Letchworth...but I really don't want that to happen for a while yet...


*Technical Estate Agent-y talk.
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Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

In other news...

...I spent a large chunk of last night adding to my Librarything - all my James Bond books are now in there, and my Blake's 7 books, my Clive Cussler books, my Julian May's looking quite healthy, really. Mind you, there was some other stuff I could have been doing instead...

Also watched Who do you think you are, which...there are no words.