September 12th, 2008

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

The name's Bond. Difficult to get hold of Bond.

I decided I'd try to get hold of the few Bond novels I don't have in my collection, which basically - apart from The Killing Zone (I'll make do with the downloaded text), the Moneypenny diaries (which I still might read but they're not a priority) and By Royal Command (which has only just come out, so isn't a desperate priority), means four John Gardner novels - Death is Forever, Never Send Flowers, Goldeneye (the novelisation of the film), and COLD.

Now...James Bond is pretty popular, right? You'd think Bond novels would be pretty easy to come by?


Apart from GoldenEye, it seems that the only copies of those novels currently doing the rounds on eBay are rare 1st edition hardbacks. The cheapest - one of the copies of Never Send Flowers - is currently listed with a price of £7:99. The most expensive - a copy of COLD - has a buy it now tag of £325:00.


C'mon, just a tatty paperback would do! I don't want to break the bank just to fill in a few gaps in my book collection!

Seriously, if anyone out there in Flist land or beyond either a.) has copies of any of these books that they wouldn't mind selling me for a few quid or b.) sees copies anywhere in charity shops, could they please let me know?

(ETA: Ah, there are some low-priced possibilities on the Amazon marketplace...)