October 6th, 2008

Do not meddle in the affairs of slashers


Well, I've just (for given values of "just", but within the last hour) got back from Connotations and it was wondrous and joyful and fun and sparkly and full of tentacles and everything I'd been hoping for and more besides and it could just be me but IMO temaris and moonlettuce and lost_house probably deserve some sort of knighthood or something for organising it.

So. Yeah. 'Twas good. Some sort of proper con report will be happening, but I've just had a long day of travelling, made worse by being held up by some sort of accident on the M1 (I'm going by train next year). And yes, I will be going back and Sarah's going with me whatever she might or might not say to the contrary, because it's only fair, hun, if you take me to AutoAssembly, fair exchange is no mockery, etc.

And I've just been on a mad friending spree of some of the LJ folks who were at Connotations and I had conversations with, or who pimped interesting fandoms, or who said interesting things in the panels or, in one case, who wrote Sahara fic for the con zine and is therefore made of win even though I don't think I ever actually spoke to you at the con. So if you find I've just Friended you, that's why, I'm not some random stalker or something.

Anyway. Yeah. Tired. Bed.

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    The sound of Tim playing Dead Rising in the next room.