November 13th, 2008

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Keith Olbermann

Kinda guessing that most people have seen the Keith Olbermann piece on marriage (if you haven't, it's here). Just wanted to say, am I alone in wanting to hug the guy? If I ever find myself in close proximity to him, I'm buying him a drink. Or several. He just talks so much sense and compassion.

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Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Thanks to... of my work colleagues collecting money for Children in Need, I now have a little sticker on which is a little Pudsey Bear in a brown striped suit standing outside a police box. I may enter into a fit of uncontrollable fanboy squee. *g*

And tomorrow night, we get a two-minute preview of The Next Doctor. And indeed it's only about 40 days until Christmas Doctor Who. Yay!
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


New IT Crowd starting next week. Should be good.

We have teh photos. Or at least we have a contact sheet online. Gotta pick the ones we like to get prints done. Most of them looks really nice, although there are a few where my expression looks a bit odd (I'm not a natural smiler...).

I put the first series of The Mary Whitehouse Experience on my iPod this morning,'s okay. Not wildly exciting, but some of it's very funny. A lot of it's dated. (It's odd to hear Gordon Brown mentioned at one point...) Hugh Dennis cracks his "Why oh why oh why is the structure of my chromosomes" gag (was he doing that any earlier than 1989). Punt and Dennis are funnier than Newman and Baddiel, IMO... The first series doesn't have the Tracy Brothers - instead there's a group called Skint Video. Also, Jo Brand's in the line-up. I hadn't even known she'd been TMWE. Oh well.

Also downloaded Hithouse's Jack to the sound of the underground, a bit of Eurohouse used as the theme music to TMWE. Good dance-y stuff.

Special edition of QI tomorrow night with David Mitchell. Yay!

Never Send Flowers - the James Bond book I ordered from Amazon marketplace - arrived yesterday. This despite ordering it from a supplier in the USA whose email suggested it would arrive between November 26th and December 3rd. I'm impressed.

Still don't have a copy of Cold yet, although I read a copy I borrowed from a friend at university. Apart from that, I think that means I've got all of the main Bond novels. Don't have spin-offery such as The Moneypenny diaries (although I'm interested in those) or the James Bond junior stuff (either the 1967 novel by R D Mascott or the John Peel novelisations of the 1990s animated series (not interested in either of those). However, I think I've got all the film novelisations - still wondering why no Quantum of Solace novelisation, and umm-ing about the new short story tie-in collection, which is called Quantum of Solace and includes all of Fleming's Bond short stories including 007 in New York (may be worth getting just for that...). One of Benson's short stories is apparently in the Union Trilogy - might pick that up. Or might just try to track down his short stories in their original publications.

Finished reading "Sebastian Faulks writing as Ian Fleming"'s Devil May Care a little while back and thought it was rubbish - not bad as such, just monumentally bland and anticlimactic. Then read John Gardner's Death is Forever and loved it. The really annoying thing is that Devil May Care is publicised (implicitly, at least) as the first new Bond novel since The Man With The Golden Gun. Which is a real shame as there were so many good novels - Colonel Sun and most of the Gardner ones (although I think it would be fair to say that he went off the boil a bit towards the end - unsurprisingly since, AIUI, he was increasingly ill), not to mention the Charlie Higson Young Bond novels which were always entertaining.

New DWM was out today. Yay!

ETA: Oh, and...enjoying series 7 of Spooks massively. Did anyone else notice that one of the guys in BBC3's episode on Monday was called Asa Darlek? And yes, that is pronounced the way you'd think. I shouldn't find that so giggly.

I think that's it f'now.