November 19th, 2008

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Thanks... those who gave me v-hugs yesterday. You're all wonderful. *hugs back*

After work yesterday evening I got a bit of tidying up done round the house. Nothing massive, but enough to make a noticeable difference in my bedroom, and that rather helped to lift my mood a bit.

Also watched Monday's BBC3 episode of Spooks. Is it me, or does that series just get better and better? Seriously, a wonderful little episode. Dare I say, better than Bond?

(Actually, who was it who said that Spooks is Bond without the glamour? 'Cos given that the last Bond film featured Bond having his genitals whacked with a carpet-beater, I'd argue that Bond doesn't have much glamour anyway. *g* And anyway...Harry's sitting room is pretty glamourous!)

And David Tennant's on the cover of next week's Radio Times so *yay* promoting Eddington and Einstein which looks good so *yay* and Jodhi May's in it so *yay* but it clashes with Outnumbered so *boo* but hey, what are video recorders are for so *yay* but we might be out celebrating Sarah's sister's birthday so *boo* but hey, iPlayer so *yay*.


And The Devil's Whore tonight with John Simm so *yay*

Must get hold of a copy of Our Friends in the North - it's out on DVD so I've no excuse.

Also out on DVD is the first series of Spiral, which I've heard good things about (my stepdad raved about it when it was on, and it's pretty unusual for him to get enthusiastic about a TV series). BBC4 is going to be running the second series, so hopefully I've got time to get and watch the first series before it starts.

(Heck, I've just realised - I'm more enthusiastic about The Devil's Whore than I am about Heroes.)
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


I realise that the website itself may not be in the interest range of many on my Flist, but could I just ask anyone who sees this post to check if they can get to load on their browser? It was working fine at home until, IIRC, Sunday evening or Monday morning, but now seems to have given up the ghost - I've checked it in both Safari and Firefox, and both end up timing out. However, it loads fine at work. I suspect the problem may be with my ISP (Talktalk), but I'd be interested to know what experiences other people have with getting it to load.