December 29th, 2008

Heroes - Yatta

Today was...not bad...

Went to East Ham for the Nicholas Courtney/Ben Aaronovitch signing at The Who Shop, which went well. I was eighth in the queue despite arriving only half an hour before the signing was due to start (a bit different to the old Tenth Planet signings). Mr Courtney was charming as ever, and I look forward to seeing Battlefield (especially the new DVD edit) and listening to the Big Finish audio Masters of War, which I've been looking forward to for some time having loved Sympathy for the Devil.

(On a related note, one of the Christmas presents I received was the Doctor Who - Travels in Time & Space CD boxed set of William Russell reading the first three Doctor Who novelisations. Been putting that onto my iPod, so I'll be listening to it some point soon.)

After the signing, I headed up to Chorleywood, where I kept Sarah company for a couple of hours. She's now come down with tonsillitis. She's in a really poorly state, but I was glad that I was able to just be with her for a little while. Held hands, shnuggled up, and gave her mum the picture we had taken back in November (her mum, and her aunt Maggie who was also there, liked it).

After I'd left Sarah's, I did a bit of wander shopping in the West End (first time I've been able to pop into Forbidden Planet for yonks - the last few times I've tried it's been closed), had dinner in Nando's, and wandered around Foyles before realising that my feet were killing me and it was high time I headed for home.

Now torn before doing the washing up (which badly needs to be done) or going to bed, but tending more towards the latter.

I'm going to work tomorrow, although fortunately it's the only day this week I'm going in.