January 16th, 2009

Merlin - Merlin and Arthur ♥

Oh, that's a relief...

I just did an LJ search on "Merlin" as an interest, and it came up with zero results. I thought, WTF? Then searched again, and it came up with...well, loads.


At some point, hopefully (other factors allowing) before the end of the month, I plan on doing a full series re-watch (first watch for about three eps), and hopefully starting to properly read (and mebbe write) some fic.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

And speaking of other factors allowing...

...tomorrow Sarah and I are going househunting.

The plans have changed somewhat since this time last year - we're going to be looking for somewhere to rent (not buy) in Bishop's Stortford (not Letchworth). Sarah still hopes to move in fairly soon (old romantic that she isn't she suggested that on Valentine's weekend I could be helping her move in...) and I'll join her sometime later in the year, probably c. August. I'm quite looking forward to it - for one thing, Bishop's Stortford is on a bus route that goes, via Stansted airport, to my place of work near Broomfield Hospital, and into Chelmsford. So when Sarah's settled, I can potentially visit her after work some days. And also when I'm moved in, it removes the pressure on me to have passed my driving test in order to commute to work (which I'd've pretty much had to do if we ended up in Letchworth). Although I hope to have passed my test anyway by then.

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

Or, um, something... *g*
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Being Human - Russell Tovey

Televisual entertainmenting.

Finished watching Takin' Over The Asylum earlier this evening, having been zipping through at a rate of about an episode per day. Cracking drama. Decided that, having gotten hold of a copy, Donovan Quick would be next. Was rather pleasantly surprised ('cos of the way my mind works, making connections & things) to learn that the writer of both was the same person, Donna Franceschild; indeed, David Blair directed both of them. Might check out The Key, which they also worked on together.

Anyhew, loved DQ, although the ending was a bit meh. Also loved this evening's QI, which is hardly anything new.

Next up, continuing the Scottish drama theme, is Tutti Frutti. Which also has Katy Murphy in it, as do TOTA and DQ. Connections again.

And Being Human starts on BBC3, Sunday 25th January at 9:00pm. Tell your friends.